10 Awesome Life Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

10 Awesome Life Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight.

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Living in the Polar Vortex

It was 7 degrees this morning; beautiful, crystal clear sunny but mind boggling cold for our little corner of the world. I got my work done quickly (great to work from home!) because on Tuesdays I run a Fit Club at the Ag Center at noon where I showcase some of my Beachbody in-home fitness programs. I also run one on Wednesday evenings at 7pm at Stearn’s Gym.

Packed up my laptop and got all bundled up in my Triple Fat Goose parka from my days in Aspen, CO. My other gear – weights and thick towel was already in the car (I leave it there except for washing the towel.)

So imagine my chagrin when the car wouldn’t start – it sounded like it had some kind of sludge rather than clean oil and the battery just would not turn it over. Of course, Herb had already left on his busy day.

Since I was all bundled up, I decided to go for a walk in our woods. Here’s what I found:

 Here’s the recipe for the Shiitake Pesto Pasta

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50 Ways to Lose Ten Pounds – #5 Drop and Give Me 20… Bites

Slow-the-Fork-DownOne of the easiest most effective exercises you can do to lose weight is to drop that fork between bites. To perform this exercise properly:

  1. First take a good smell of your forkful before putting it in your mouth – this deeply engages the brain and alerts all the digestive players of what is on the way.
  2. Once the food is in your mouth, take just a moment to savor it – the texture against your tongue, the first notes of the flavor.
  3. Set the fork down.
  4. Chew between 15-20 times – digestion starts with saliva in the mouth for  maximum nutrient absorption. This also gives time for the brain to process food intake and formulate its normal satiety switch to say we’re full.
  5. chewingSwallow

Performing this simple exercise has some excellent benefits:

  1. Lose weight. A growing number of studies confirm just by eating slower you’ll consume fewer calories — in fact, enough to lose 20 pounds a year without doing anything different or eating anything different. Woo-hoo!!
  2. Better digestion. The more work you do up there in your mouth, the less you’ll have to do in the stomach. This can help lead to fewer digestive problems.
  3. Really enjoy your food. Make your meals a sensory pleasure, not something rushed, between stressful events.
  4. Less stress.Be in the moment; when you eat, you should eat. This kind of mindfulness can lead to a less stressful life, and maybe even long-term happiness.

We rush through our day, doing one mindless task after another, without taking the time to live life, to enjoy life, to relate to each other, to be human. With the small act of eating slower, enjoy it fully, we taste life itself.

You’ll find you are more satisfied with less food (calories) – now that is some math I can get into! Give it a try.

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