Progress – Second 60 Days

This journey starts Saturday May 18, 2013.

Week One – I’ve been checking my weight every day when I awaken, and I’ve been really excited. I know most of this weight loss is water and toxins. Last time I did this I averaged about 2-4 ponds a week, but happily the inches just melted away – in all the right places!

Week Two – This was a bit of a challenge, see my blog post for today, but I (yeaa!) resisted homemade pizzas, a Memoiral Day cookout and a Mexican restaurant – Ahhh but when I weighed/measured this morning it was worth it – sweet success!

Week Three- This week has just flown by, in fact I didn’t realize it was a full week until I talked to a friend about a concert tonight (Friday). I’m getting quicker and more connected with my Turbo Jam exercise program. Moving around in general is getting back into that joyful mode and I’m fitting into jeans I could hardly get over my hips when I started. The way I’m feeling right now is exactly why I began this juice fest, what a wonderful and fast way to get to the healthy place you want to be!

Week Four - Just a little progress, but PROGRESS. This week seemed to fly by. I’ve been thinking about stopping after 30 days because we’ve got wonderful fresh veggies coming on in the garden. But I am going to hold fast and complete the process and enjoy juicing these veggies until I begin chewing again.

Week Five- Over halfway through and feeling great! My clothes are fitting so much better. Today I started a fairly intense exercise program and if last time was an indicator, when I started really working out, the pounds slowed way down, but the inches melted off and that means more to me than what the scales say!

Week Six - Thrilled with my results and going into the weekend feeling like a warrior woman! While I only lost 1 pound, I lost an astonishing 3 inches. (!!!!!??!) That RevAbs program is definitely a challenge but obviously it is working!

Week Seven - Day 49, less than 2 weeks to go and I’m thrilled with my progress. I won’t be recording my weight & measurements again until day 60 so I’m going to brag now – I lost 3.5 whole pounds and just over 2 inches this week!! Doesn’t that seem odd, last week I lost 1 pound yet 3 inches, this week I lost over 3 pounds but only (only? – ha!) 2 inches – the body is a wonder.

Day 60 – July 16, 2013 - Wow, its done. I’m pleased with the numbers, but so much more than that I’m pleased with me! I feel joy going into my closet and if something makes me look heavy it is because it is too big, not me! I’m going to savor this feeling of accomplishment and gush about it in today’s blog post

Yet the journey to my goal of losing 50 pounds is not over and I embark on my new lifestyle of avoiding processed food (packaged, refined flour/sugar) and adopting a mostly plant based eating routine and making exercise a habit with a feeling of excitement and determination. 

Progress-Second 60



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