Tony Horton’s Power 90 by Beach Body

I actually bought this Power 90 program off an infomercial 5 years ago (very effective, eh?) Well the best program in the world still requires that you get off your tushie and do the moves!

Yeah, I can work out with this guy…

I started juicing July 22, 2011 and after doing that for 2 weeks without dying (ha!) I started this routine. The program alternates between Sweat Circuit (cardio & toning) & Abs one day and Sculpt (weight training) the next for 6 days then you take one day off to do some other exercise like biking or whatever. I’ve been very consistent except that I have not given myself a day off.

Tony promised me a beach body in 90 days (hence the Power 90) and I’m taking him up on it. If you’re up for the challenge message me on FaceBook if you’d like to learn about my free coaching services.

There are two levels in this program and its taken me  about 45 days, half way through, to build up to firing on all cylinders for both routines. Only thing I am not doing is the Power Yoga. I’ve had a pelvis problem and my chiropractor (Dr. Joe Picone, who walks on water imho) doesn’t think it is a good idea.

Because of doing the C25k program, I’m going to hang here at the beginner level because it is still a bit of a challenge for me. It is still very effective – everyone comments about my arm muscles.  I’ll enjoy that while we’re still in sleeveless weather!

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