Tai Cheng

Want to rediscover a level of strength and energy you may not have felt in years? Explore a natural approach that can help restore your body’s youthful range of motion and help reduce pain naturally. Now there’s a simple solution, designed for lifelong activity and real, lasting fitness—Tai Cheng!

tai cheng

Tai Cheng® is Beachbody’s newest and perhaps most comprehensive fitness program. Based on the movements, concepts, and theories of traditional Yang-style Tai Chi, the Beachbody® Tai Cheng workout program was created by Tai Chi master, Dr. Mark Cheng. The Mandarin Chinese translation of Tai Cheng (as we’ve conceived of it here at Beachbody) is the “Supreme Accomplishment” in whole body health.

The Secret is Dynamic Motion Control

The Tai Cheng® workout helps you master the 18 key healing movements of Tai Chi in just 90 days. But you’ll likely not have to wait 90 days to feel the benefits. From your very first workout, you can be on your way to a more active life with less pain. And with more activity comes better overall health!

Tai Chi and the other ancient modalities within the Tai Cheng® program are made for EVERYONE. This 13-week regimen delivers tremendous benefits, whether you’re doing the first-level moves and using the support of a wall, or you’re an elite athlete who is looking to improve your athletic performance in safer, more holistic ways.

Who is Dr. Mark Cheng?

The Beachbody® Tai Cheng program was designed by Dr. Mark Cheng, a martial arts master with more than 20 years of experience teaching Tai Chi. Over that time, Dr. Cheng developed his breakthrough method of Dynamic Motion Control®—a common-sense approach to physical training that makes it easy for even beginning students to master the basic moves of Tai Chi.

To create Tai Cheng, Dr. Cheng combined classical Tai Chi techniques, ancient Qi Gong practices, and 21st-century sports science. Whether you are looking to increase balance and agility, rehab and strengthen your body after a joint or muscle injury, or simply to get started on the path to better fitness, Tai Cheng was designed to be your easy—and effective—solution.

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