Water (Recipes? Really?)

What is the one thing every single weight loss, diet or get healthy regime has in common?

They all say to drink water.


Well, I’m jumping on that bandwagon, too.

I believe water is sacred and what is going on to pollute our waters and misuse aquifers globally is just horrible.  After reading some of Dr. Emoto’s books, I project thoughts of gratitude, joy and prosperity to my water glass before drinking. I even tape the words on the bottom of my water pitcher. Okay, so now we know I’m not wrapped too tight, but still drink your water!

My preferred drink is ice water with lime if ya have it, lemon if ya don’t. However, every so often you need to change it up so here are a couple of my favorite water recipes. Please share yours with me!

I make these the night before to overnight in the ‘fridge to get the water nice and cold. Drink the whole lot throughout the day – that’s 6 8oz glasses!

Both of these recipes are for a 48oz water pitcher.


Cucumber Water


I first learned of this at a lovely spa in Saluda, NC – cucumber is so refreshing after a good massage or steam bath, chock full of electrolytes and such.

If you want really pretty cuke slices, take a fork and rake the tines just through the peel in a long line along the length of the cucumber all around the cuke. Now when you slice it, it looks like a pretty pinwheel!


8  ½” slices of cucumber (that’s it!)





Sassy Water


I found this recipe a couple years ago as part of the “Flat Belly Diet” and fell in love with it.


1 tsp grated fresh ginger
1 med. Cucumber sliced thin
1 medium lemon sliced thin
12 spearmint leaves, hand crushed to release oils.


Strain the water as you pour it into your glass.

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