Time to ReCLAIM My Life Once Again

hypocrite - walk the talk

Being able to walk again is a miracle – and my talk is my commitment to myself and others to be honest and accountable, to speak and act with integrity.

Long time no blog… I couldn’t, felt like a hypocrite. Here I have this wonderful vehicle to share my progress to health and vitality and I was going downhill fast…

While I tried to maintain a good exercise program my mobility decreased and my pain increased. The old saying no pain no gain – screw that, I had lots of pain and no results.  I didn’t understand, all my life I’ve been able to do what I wanted and suddenly I was losing it; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I couldn’t stand up straight. Standing, even in a Quasimodo-like posture, for more than a few moments was excruciating. Walking was only accomplished in an awkward bent position, mostly with my knees locked tight together. Distances of more than a block were out of the question. I had to brace myself on the sink to brush my teeth, to prep meals. My world was crashing in on me.

dr. rosenbergFinally, I went to the doctor. Eventually I was diagnosed with degenerative osteo-arthritis in both hips. They both had to be replaced. And I learned the exercises I was pushing myself to do were making it worse, not better. Needless to say I was scared shitless. But I had faith in my surgeon; Dr. Brian Rosenberg is a world renowned bone & joint surgeon with an excellent reputation. Literally. People come from as far away as Japan to see him.

Dr. Rosenberg did the surgery on my left hip Monday, September 29th and the right hip on Wednesday, October 1st.  I was discharged on Saturday after being able to walk all around the ward, navigate steps up and down and navigate ramps and simulated curbs.

Thanks to home health and PT at home I quit using the walker after two weeks, cleared to drive after three weeks.  Just one month later, I am getting about the house just fine yet use a cane when going out just to be on the safe side.


Just trying to do this position hurts so bad plus I had to have a pillow under my hips.

It has been beyond successful, it is a miracle. I can stand straight as a soldier, I can walk perfectly upright and stride, just like a homo sapiens. I can stand with my weight evenly distributed on both feet and it doesn’t hurt at all!


Now I can this, again, no problem!

Before the surgery it was almost impossible to do even a modified cobra position on my elbows, now I’m back to being able to do full cobra up on my hands with no pain, just the feeling of a good healthy stretch. My God we don’t realize how precious simple things can be until they are taken away and oh, the gratitude when they are returned!

I’ve just begun outpatient PT. The physical therapist that evaluated me prior to the surgery (I went there for help with exercises to help strengthen me before surgery) is the same one that evaluated me now, a month after surgery. She actually gasped twice at the range of motion I am able to accomplish now, especially when I was able to do a full cobra effortlessly!

tai chengI may never be allowed to do a full straight back leg lunge or warrior pose. Dr. Rosenberg says no running programs like C25K, although he said if a dog is chasing me I can run. But I can cycle, swim, hike and walk. He is also familiar with some of the Beachbody programs and I hope to begin the Tai Cheng program in a couple weeks.

And now this journey back to mobility and vitality is what I’m going to share with you. Are you facing challenges? There is one thing I know to my core, the best way for me to help myself is for me to help others. Come join me, let me know how I can support you.

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