A Week of Plant Based Eating

White been chili made with squash puree and chantarelle mushrooms

White been chili made with squash puree and chantarelle mushrooms

The plan I made last week was easy to follow and tasty. Making the two soups and the large Garden Bean Salad made a big difference in having something good, filling and available right now to flesh out a meal or meet a hunger pang. And, surprisingly,  I haven’t missed the refined flour breads or pastas!


Fresh organic edamame (soy beans)

Fresh organic edamame (soy beans)

We’re getting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lots of other good things like this edamame from organic seed from our garden.

Here’s the plan for this coming week.


Baked sweet potato fries, roasted lemon/garlic broccoli, kidney bean veggie burger, sliced heirloom tomato

Monday:Veggie Burger Night – baked sweet potato fries, roasted lemon/garlic broccoli, veggie burger (kidney beans, sunflower seeds, rolled oats & carrots), sliced heirloom tomato

The structure of themed dinners  appeals to me because I enjoy a variety of spices and cuisines. Knowing what’s coming up seems to successfully quell my obsessive food thoughts.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

I’ve put on two pounds this week and feeling a bit pudgier than this time last week. It’s certainly not what I’m eating but I’m not exercising consistently – only exercised 3 of the last 7days and I have no excuse or reason. Maybe my lizard brain is desperate to hold tight to old fat and weight for deeply ingrained primal reasons and since the food thoughts are soothed, it is sabotaging the exercise. Who knows what that odd pterodactyl is wringing its claws over!

tony_hortonYet I saw this clip of one of my fitness heroes, Tony Horton, on Dr. Oz and it spoke to me on a number of levels including a slogan from Overeaters Anonymous: Just for Today. Don’t work out to finish a program, or to fit into a dress for a special event – exercise today because it feels good today; eat well today because it feels good today. If I can use this approach to turn my thinking around to a more immediate gratification, a hedonistic delight – Tony may have just given me the key to continued weight loss; to reach my goal without focusing on the goal; just making myself feel great right now! I’m going to try this attitude on and take it for a test drive.

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  1. Pam Weeks says:


    Thank you for honesty and insight on how you are dealing with the hunger that appears with my emotions, I suffer with my body honestly wanting to hold on to the things of my past. Your willingness to be honest helps me to want to get honest!!!! Have a PEACE filled day :)

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