Day 42 of 60 – I’m Melting!

Its Weights & Measures day again; Week Five and the time is just flying by. On the scale this morning, I only lost one pound, but when I got out the tape measure I was thrilled to discover I dropped 3 inches. Here are the details on the Progress Chart.

fat-v-muscleWhen this happened last time I was juicing I looked into the fat vs muscle thing. There is a saying you may have heard that muscle weights more than fat… well that’s silly isn’t it – 5 pounds is 5 pounds. BUT look at this size comparison and its easy to see that as the muscle becomes developed and the fat burns off – you’re definitely taking up less space!

This morning I’m pretty sore after trudging 120#s of potting soil from my car back to my potting bench. My friend Sandy turned me on to Southern Ag in downtown Hendersonville after a relaxing delicious liquid lunch at her beautiful home. I got a third more potting soil for a third less cost and it is a professional blend for container plants.


Herb showing these hydrangea blossoms are bigger than his head (isn't he cute?)

Herb showing these hydrangea blossoms are bigger than his head (isn’t he cute?)

Sandy is an avid gardener and with her wonderful hubby they’ve turned their entire acre property into a lovely shade garden. With numerous species of Japanese maples (including the rare Lion’s Mane), numerous hydrangea (she gifted me with a gorgeous “Lady in Red”) hostas, huechera, columbine, aguga, fern and much, much more; Sandy knows the scientific names for all of it. Every thing is so neat and mulched and lush with our weather this season, its like going to a magical secret garden – so glad to spend time there!

But getting back to sore – today starts my second week of my RevAbs Beachbody program. Brett, ya killing me, but with results like I’m getting, all I can say is “Rev it high, rev it low, I’m strong (!!) committed and ready to go!”




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