Day 35 of 60 – Giving Myself the RevAbs Challenge

Its been another week and better progress today than last Friday (yippee!) Check out the details here.

revabs -fire up your absToday I started a 90-day fitness program from Beachbody – RevAbs with Brett Hoebel. Brett was one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser and has serious credentials as a fitness instructor. Here’s a video about the program.

This day was a bit brutal, ya’d think he’d start us off slow, but nooo-ooo. Good thing I’ve been working out with Turbo Jam or I’d have really been lost. As it was, right after the workout I slid right into a nice hot salt bath and turned up the jacuzzi bubbles!

If you are ready to transform your body and get into awesome shape, come join my challenge – email me or PM me on facebook.

But I am feeling mah-velous right now, maybe its all those exercise endorphins along with having lost 21.5 pounds – almost halfway to my goal of 50 plus it is date night and my honey is taking me to see the Matthew McConaughey’s new movie Mud. All is right in my world – how’s yours? If you’re looking for a change, contact me, maybe I can help.


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