Day 21 of 60 –

jeansWeek Three and Feeling Free!

Wow, just got done measuring my progress for this week – 15 pounds and 13.5 inches (!!) I tried on some jeans and I can comfortably wear some I could hardly get over my hips when all this started.

Now is when it starts to get really good – my body is starting to celebrate getting the extra weight off – it is moving better, feeling more joyful. The simplest things like squatting to pick something up that were beginning to be difficult are getting easy, things to do without even thinking… a profound sense of freedom and dare I say it? youth!

I wrote a couple days ago about how my Turbo Jam workouts are getting easier, well easier may not be the right word because I still have to do a lot of modifications, but I can more easily make it through the routines, moving quicker and with more confidence.

For anyone feeling like I did 3 weeks ago – fat, hopeless, weak, old -  in abject despair, please do yourself a favor – get a juicer and contact me about Beach Body fitness programs – I can help you, because I’ve been there and am fighting my way out – come with me!

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