Day 7 of 60 – Jucing Week 1 – Done!

I don’t know how I lost a day, but when I was looking at the calendar I realized this is day 7 not 6! I have no idea how I lost a day, but yippeeeeee! not only did I lose a day, I lost 9.5 pounds and 6.5 inches – wooo hooo! Check out my progress here.

juiceHere’s what’s in my juice today: Green beans, red pepper, cuke, tomato, celery, carrots kale, lemon and parsley.

I’m settling into the routine nicely now, yesterday I had cheese burgers on my mind, but I resisted, basically I just got busy doing something else.

Now that my body is adjusting to the juicing, it is time to ramp up the exercise facet, because any lifestyle change is going to have to incorporate nutrition and condition, and it all starts with attitude!

turbo-jam-pgmI’ve been getting back into the Beachbody Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson. I started with the 16 minute Burn and these last two days I’ve been doing the 20-minute routine.

Its a fun high energy program that mixes dance and martial arts with really fun party music! If you would like to try Turbo Jam or any of Beachbody’s programs or products just msg me on my Facebook page, Reclaim my Life

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